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About Qi Gong


Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese holistic system of exercising and energising the body. The practice is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which uses the meridian system and knowledge of internal Qi (or Chi or Ki) flow.
Qi Gong was developed for self healing and the transformation of consciousness through internal energetic alchemy and meditation. The name Qi Gong literally means "energy exercise."

It includes moving and still practices: still and moving are the Yin and Yang of Qi Gong practice. Movement and activity are Yang; stillness and passivity are Yin. When the body moves, Qi circulates, and when the body is still, Qi harmonises. 


Moving Meditation:
Stillness Within Movement

Relaxation, softness, and fluid movement are the basic themes behind all moving forms of Qi Gong. Slow rhythmic movement, in harmony with the rise and fall of the breath and circulation of energy, brings the mind into stillness. 

Moving meditation opens up and replenishes all of the circuits of the Eight Extraordinary Channels known as the Macrocosmic Orbit. 

Seated Practice:
Movement Within Stillness

Sitting comfortably, the practitioner moves energy internally in harmony with the breath. Internal energy channels, such as the Microcosmic Orbit, are used to cultivate higher frequencies of energy.

By moving energy through these channels, the practitioner distills energy from the lower centres, expanding consciousness and awareness. This is called internal alchemy. 

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