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True meditation arises when there is no meditator meditating. This can be challenging to "achieve," so certain practices can help us pave the way to a clear mind and meditative state.


In meditation teaching, I draw especially on training in the Advaita Vedanta, Theravada Buddhism, and Vipassana practice. My practices of Kriya Yoga and Nei Gong also colour my understanding of mind-body connections.


My 'meditation teacher training' came in the form of an accidental Samadhi, or no-mind experience upon first encountering my teacher Da Dennis Trisker. I didn't know that he was a meditation teacher; he was talking with a woman about having cured himself of cancer and I was listening intently. He perceived within me an absorbtion in inner presence, and spontaneously hit me with a series of questions from the Advaitic tradition, which made my mind stop completely.


This first Samadhi became the invitation to spend more time with Dennis learning his non-technique of 'Choiceless Awareness.' I learned deeply in these five years of study and being together in India before Dennis's passing in 2017.

Following the insight of Samadhi, rather than set myself up as a guru, I prefer to teach simple techniques from beginner level - stopping internal dialogue and connecting with inner energy pathways - to the more 'advanced' level of dropping all practice and sitting in pure awareness, which I also teach to beginners with the right level of inner presence.


To read more about my meditation teachers, please visit the teachers' bio page.

For some of my talks on meditation and short meditation practices, please visit Dao and Dharma on Instagram or Facebook

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