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Qi Gong

"Jason’s classes really help to take me out of my head and into my body and leave me feeling uplifted, peaceful and energised. To me this is no small feat!  His classes are welcoming, and he takes time to demonstrate movements in detail, explaining their effects physically, mentally, and energetically.   I have tried other classes but find his classes to be the most informative and enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner or want to deepen your practice, you'll benefit greatly and have fun in the process." - Janine, Scotland

"Many thanks for the session this morning! I've felt fantastic since! Never felt this good after other Qi Gong sessions. I feel lighter, more energised and more vibrant. In a nutshell, I feel happier and more inspired. So will definitely be having more sessions with you soon. Oh, tension in my shoulders has eased as well." - James, England

"I highly recommend learning and practicing Qi Gong with Jason! He's a wonderful teacher!" - Linda, USA

"Qi Gong with Jason has really helped with stagnant energy, and processing turbulent times. I feel like I'm becoming a better conduit for energy, and able to utilise it better for creativity." - Craig, England

Energy Work & Reiki

"Jason's Reiki level 2 course by far exceeded my expectations. 

I left feeling grounded, blessed and full of confidence in my own ability as a healer. His passion and knowledge shines through and is an inspiration in how to teach and heal others. His down to earth nature helped cut through any airy fairyness that can be associated with energy healing and connects it back to its roots in Buddhism and meditation.

The course itself was relaxed, fun and ridiculously informative. Lovely people seem to be drawn to take Reiki with him too so it was a wonderful experience. I cannot recommend Jason enough."

- Tanya, England 

"The knowledge and experience that Jason shared with me went way beyond my expectations and to this day was by far one of the most profound experiences of my life. He opened channels in me that kickstarted my ever growing spiritual evolution. I could have not asked for more informative and hands-on Reiki lessons and within five days was able to begin working on clients one on one, and actually help them heal. I cannot be more grateful for his amazing sessions both as a student and a client." 

- Willow, USA

"I first heard about Jason in March 2014 through others who had had a treatment with him and/or studied with him. The consensus was the same, it was a much different experience than the other forms of Reiki on offer in the area and from Western practitioners in general. I was curious, having had a few treatments in the past and always interested in different forms of energy work. 
I had only two or three sessions with Jason before committing to study Reiki Level One with him. 

The treatments themselves were in a very calming and safe space, Jason explained just enough of what to expect and not too much as to influence my experience. It was indeed different to what I had experienced before, particularly the use of (I think) marma points. Rather than me just lying there feeling relaxed, I actually felt my energy being worked. What Jason was able to read from my body was pretty amazing, a combination of physical, mental and emotional issues that had been accumulating and I'd never tied it all together until my treatments with him. He was able to pin point some issues and work with the flow of Ki/Chi so that I instantly felt a release and it wasn't until then that I realised just how much I was holding on to, and how blocked my energy had become! If only I had more time I would have got in atleast few more treatments. Jason's intuition and obvious experience makes for a very interesting, non-judgemental, eye-opening treatment. It can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and was actually a bit exhausting for me, haha. I had a major blockage that required a lot of Jason's time. He actually went over our appointment time, every session I think, because he was so focused and intent on what he was doing. Awesome! :) The advice he gives, from his own personal experience is so valuable to take into day to day living.

The Reiki Level One course I studied with Jason was over two days. Mostly it involved just tuning in to ourselves and our energy and the energy around us. Oh, it's incredible how conditioned we are to not feel our own energy and intuition! During the course, this was all stripped away from me. In such a simple way, Jason taught us a few techniques to just listen and feel, to tune in to the subtle things your body and the Universe is trying to tell you.

After working with our own energies and recieving our attunements, we learned how to work with others in a safe, respectful way. It was very helpful to do this with different bodies who had a variety of issues and strangers who we didn't know and weren't aware of their issues. We learned and practiced the different Reiki hand positions and the best way to connect and disconnect with Reiki and others energy bodies before and after a treatment.

I really enjoyed how the course was set out. We were given booklets with all of the information we needed, but we didn't use them during the course. It was more of a hands-on learning experience which I think works a lot better. The course wasn't overly structured, almost organic and yet covered everything it needed to. Now I have the booklet to look back on for clarification or a little reminder when I need it.

I would highly recommend Jason as a practitioner and teacher. His years of experience is evident just by talking to him and his knowledge of Ancient Japanese, Chinese and Indian science of the body is truly felt in his treatments and teaching. 
The treatments and course have helped me see what I could change in my life and mind-set to lead a better, less fearful, happier life. And I'm using Reiki and Jason's advice to do this. It's something that I'll always have with me and my life would be less full without Reiki and my experiences with Jason!


Jason is a very authentic guy, down to earth and poles apart from the hippy dippy new age posers that taint this very important and beneficial life science. He has studied these techniques and ideas for a very long time. Jason is the real deal."

- Angela, Scotland

"I’m so happy I met Jason!  When I arrived in this little mountain village I was excited to explore and find a course to learn Reiki as I have been interested and anxious to do a course for a while.  However unfortunately I was left rather confused by all the ‘alternate’ methods and gave up for the day heading back to my guesthouse.


This is where I met Jason, and I’m so happy I did!... After speaking with Jason for a few moments I realised straight away that he would be the perfect tutor.  Jason has so much passion and extensive knowledge on Reiki, he explains everything with ease and understanding, this clearly is what he is supposed to be doing!


I ended up completing my Reiki 1 and 2 with Jason.  Every step of the way, Jason was informative, enthusiastic and supportive.  He gave me great confidence when putting what I had learnt into action, and has provided fantastic handbooks that give me all the knowledge I need, in which I’m still using! It was also never too much hassle for him to answer my questions or send me extra information in which I was interested in to help me further with my Reiki journey.


I absolutely loved doing this course with Jason.  He has really helped me to become an effective and confident Reiki practitioner and I highly recommend his courses to anyone who is interested in learning the original Usui Reiki." 

- Emily, England

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